Present the Kings most excellent Majestie in Councill.

UPON reading a report this day at the boarde from the right honourable the lords of the committee for trade and foreine plantations setting forth, that haveing received a report from the commissioners of the customes upon an act made in virginia for cohabitation and encouragement of trade and manufacture which their lordships had referred unto them, and that finding the present act impracticable, they humbly offered that it might be referred to the Lord Culpepper, with direction that it might be taken into consideration by the councill and assembly of Virginia, in order to the frameing such an act as might be more practicable and usefull, and not prejudiciall to his majesties customes, and in the meane while such part of the act now in being as concerns the time wherein the same is to take place as to the landing of goods, and shiping of tobacco be imediately suspended untill his majesties further order; his majestie was pleased to approve the said report and to order, And it is hereby ordered that the right honourable the Lord Culpepper, his majesties leiutenant and governour generall, or the commander in chiefe of Virginia for the time being, doe signifie his royall pleasure according to what is proposed in the said report.


Cop. THO. MILNER, Cl. Assembly.