March 1692/3ACT I.An act for suspending the execution of the act for ports, &c.

WHEREAS at a Generall Assembly begun and holden at James Citty the 16th day of Aprill in the 3d yeare of the reign of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King and Queen, an act was made and established entituled an act for portes, &c. to be of full force and effect from and after the first day of October last past, and whereas the said act is of great moment, weight and consequence and the said act lying before their majesties, and their majesties pleasure relating thereto not yet signified,

Be it therefore enacted by the Governour, Councell and Burgesses of this Generall Assembly and the authority thereof and it is hereby enacted, That the execution of the said law and all and every article, clause, branch and provision therein contained shall be and is hereby to all intents, constructions and purposes, suspended till their majesties pleasure shall be known therein or till the next assembly.