Place of Origin Names in Bristol Registers (1654-1686)

Anglesey | Baddleton | Bedfordshire | Berkshire | Brecknock | Brecon | Bristol | Buckinghamshire | Caernarvon | Cambridgeshire | Cardigan | Carmarthenshire | Cheshire | Cornwall | Cumberland | Denbigh | Derbyshire | Devonshire | Dorsetshire | Durham | Essex | Flintshire | Glamorganshire | Gloucestershire | Hampshire | Herefordshire | Hertfordshire | Huntingdonshire | Isle of Wight | Kent | Lancashire | Leicestershire | Lincolnshire | London | Merioneth | Middlesex | Monmouth | Montgomery | Norfolk | Northamptonshire | Nottinghamshire | Oxfordshire | Pembrokeshire | Radnor | Shropshire | Somersetshire | Staffordshire | Suffolk | Surrey | Sussex | Wales | Warwickshire | Wiltshire | Worcestershire | Yorkshire | Other Countries | Unknown Locations


Beaumaris, Anglesey


Baddleton (sic)


Harlington, Bedfordshire


Abingdon, Berkshire
Farringdon, Berkshire
Hampstead, Berkshire
Hungerford, Berkshire
Newbury, Berkshire
Nulim (sic), Berkshire
Reading, Berkshire
Shippen Farrington (sic), Berkshire
Speen, Berkshire
Windsor, Berkshire


Clangoe (sic), Brecknock
Clanspethie (sic), Brecknock
Crickhowell, Brecknock
Langum, Brecknock
Llanelly, Brecknock
Llangattock, Brecknock
Llangemill (sic), Brecknock
Llangenne (sic), Brecknock
Llangorse, Brecknock
Llangynnin, Brecknock
Llanhengall, Brecknock
Llannorrig, Brecknock
Llanvigall (sic), Brecknock
Llanwortis, Brecknock
Llongenny (sic), Brecknock
Meere (sic), Brecknock
Notely (sic), Brecknock
Purlion (sic), Brecknock
Runfold (sic), Brecknock
St. John Evangelist, Brecknock
Tagarth, Brecknock
Talgarth, Brecknock
Tartlin (sic), Brecknock
Llandavid, Brecknock
Peekelt (sic), Brecknock
Aberhund (sic), Brecon


Llandethin (sic), Brecon
Llanhangell (sic), Brecon
St. Dogwell, Brecon
The Hay, Brecon


Bristol, resident in Barbados
St. George's, Bristol?
St. John's, Bristol
St. Mary Redcliffe [Bristol]
St. Phillip's, Bristol
St. Phillipps [Bristol]
St. Thomas, [Bristol]


Eton, Buckinghamshire
Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Swanbourn, Buckinghamshire
Weedon, Buckinghamshire
Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire


Llangrofen (sic), Caernarvon
Llanover (sic), Caernarvon


Ely Trinity, Cambridgeshire
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Melbourne, Cambridgeshire
Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire


Landbathurne (sic), Cardigan
Llambadarn, Cardigan
Llambardarne, Cardigan
Llanloird (sic), Cardigan
Stradmerrick, Cardigan
Talbat (sic), Cardigan


Bowling Grove, Carmarthenshire
Burry, Carmarthenshire
Cardigan, Carmarthenshire
Carmarthen Town
Haverfordwest, Carmarthenshire
Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire
Kildwelly, Carmarthenshire
Lampeter, Carmarthenshire
Langathen (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llahannith (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llampathy (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llanabryn, Carmarthenshire
Llancaddock (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llandarvy, Carmarthenshire
Llandelavour (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llandenavore (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llandilo, Carmarthenshire
Llandolivour (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llandopia (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llanfihangel Abergowin, Carmarthenshire
Llangandagerne (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llangatten, Carmarthenshire
Llangattock, Carmarthenshire
Llangellian, Carmarthenshire
Llanghorne (sic), Carmarthenshire
Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire
Llanvallteg, Carmarthenshire
Marros, Carmarthenshire
Mutchnee (sic), Carmarthenshire
Newcastle, Carmarthenshire
Pwllheli, Carmarthenshire
Shethwick (sic), Carmarthenshire
St. Clears, Carmarthenshire
Whitland, Carmarthenshire
Great Landilo (parent's), Carmarthenshire (parent's)
Llangan (parent's), Carmarthenshire (parent's)


Bodne (sic), Cheshire
Congleton, Cheshire
Malpas, Cheshire
Maxford (sic), Cheshire
Middlewich, Cheshire
Nantwich, Cheshire
Rolstone (sic), Cheshire
Sparrowgrave, Cheshire
Holme Chapel, Cheshire [sic, but Lancs probably intended]


Cawson, Cornwall
Colan, Cornwall
Cornelly, Cornwall
Cummerford (sic), Cornwall
Drakewalls, Cornwall
Falmouth, Cornwall
Gunwalloe alias Winnington, Cornwall
Landulph, Cornwall
Lanhevett (sic), Cornwall
Padstow, Cornwall
Quethiock, Cornwall
St. Austell, Cornwall
St. Columb, Cornwall
St. Eowsley (sic), Cornwall
St. John's, Cornwall
St. Neot, Cornwall
St. Stephen's, Cornwall
St. Teath, Cornwall
St. Telom (sic), Cornwall


Bedow (sic), Cumberland


Clonvaiday, Denbigh


Anger (sic), Derbyshire
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Doveridge, Derbyshire
Melbourne, Derbyshire
Overseal, Leicestershire (sic. but prob. Derbys)


Appledore, Devonshire
Atherington, Devonshire
Bampton, Devonshire
Barnstaple, Devonshire
Blackawton, Devonshire
Bodliscomb, Devonshire
Bow, Devonshire
Brixham, Devonshire
Buckfastleigh, Devonshire
Burfordly (sic), Devonshire
Burlescombe, Devonshire
Chedington (sic), Devonshire
Clyst Honiton, Devonshire
Colyton, Devonshire
Crie (sic), Devonshire
Culliford, Devonshire
Exeter, Devonshire
Farne (sic), Devonshire
Habin (sic), Devonshire
Halberton, Devonshire
Hatherleigh, Devonshire
Henbury, Devonshire [sic, perhaps Gloucestershire intended]
Hennock, Devonshire
Holbeton, Devonshire
Huntsham, Devonshire
Kingswear, Devonshire
Kingsweare, Devonshire
Leechfield (sic), Devonshire
Lime (Lyme Regis?), Devonshire (Dorsetshire?)
Lynmouth, Devonshire
Malborough, Devonshire
Manaton, Devonshire
Morthoe, Devonshire
Newton St. Cyres, Devonshire
Newton, Devonshire
North Molton, Devonshire
North Tawton, Devonshire
Plymouth, Devonshire
Roseath, Devonshire
Sedford (sic), Devonshire
Shebbear, Devonshire
Shute, Devonshire
Silverton, Devonshire
South Brent, Devonshire
South Molton, Devonshire
Sowton, Devonshire
Swimbridge, Devonshire
Thorncombe, Devonshire
Thurlestone, Devonshire
Titheford (sic), Devonshire
Tiverton, Devonshire
Torrington, Devonshire
Upottery, Devonshire
Washfield, Devonshire
West Downe, Devonshire
Yarcombe, Devonshire


All Holland (sic), Dorsetshire
Arsshut (sic), Dorsetshire
Banton (sic), Dorsetshire
Beaminster, Dorsetshire
Bedminster, Dorsetshire
Beer, Dorsetshire
Bradford, Dorsetshire
Bridport, Dorsetshire
Burstock, Dorsetshire
Burtford (sic), Dorsetshire
Chirrick (sic), Dorsetshire
Cranborne, Dorsetshire
Egget (sic), Dorsetshire
Gillingham, Dorsetshire
Grinson (sic), Dorsetshire
Hilton, Dorsetshire
Lime (Lyme Regis?), Devonshire (Dorsetshire?)
Marsh, Dorsetshire
Milborne, Dorsetshire
Milton Abbas, Dorsetshire
Motcombe, Dorsetshire
Netherbury, Dorsetshire
Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire
Sandford, Dorsetshire?
Shaftesbury, Dorsetshire
Shaston (sic), Dorsetshire
Sherborne, Dorsetshire
Shipton, Dorsetshire
Stalbridge, Dorsetshire
Stoke Abbott, Dorsetshire
Stow (sic), Dorsetshire
Stroudwater (sic), Dorsetshire
Sutton, Dorsetshire
Tallow (sic), Dorsetshire
Weymouth, Dorsetshire
Whitchurch, Dorsetshire
Wimborne, Dorsetshire
Winterborne, Dorsetshire
Yetminster, Dorsetshire


Gainford, Durham


Bow, Essex
Burwood (sic), Essex
Colchester, Essex
Colthall Green, Essex
East Ham, Essex
Epping Forest, Essex
High Easter, Essex
Low Layton, Surrey (sic but Essex perhaps intended)
Romford, Essex
Swansleed (sic, probably Wanstead), Essex
Waltham, Essex


Handmore, Flintshire
Holywell, Flintshire


Aberdare, Glamorganshire
Abergavenny, Glamorganshire
Abergwili, Glamorganshire
Baglan, Glamorganshire
Balson (sic), Glamorganshire
Bettws, Glamorganshire
Cadoxton, Glamorganshire
Caerleon, Glamorganshire
Canarthy (sic), Glamorganshire
Cardiff, Glamorganshire
Cardigan, Glamorganshire (sic)
Causon (sic), Glamorganshire
Clanorthin (sic), Glamorganshire
Clantarry (sic), Glamorganshire
Cowbridge, Glamorganshire
Cowchurch, Glamorganshire
Eglwysilan, Glamorganshire
Eland, Glamorganshire
Ely, Glamorganshire
Halleston, Glamorganshire
Kidwelly, Glamorganshire
Klincorne (sic), Glamorganshire
Langinney (sic), Glamorganshire
Laugharne, Glamorganshire
Llandaff, Glamorganshire
Llandavilo, Glamorganshire
Llandelavow (sic), Glamorganshire
Llandeliolen, Glamorganshire
Llandilo, Glamorganshire
Llandivellour (sic), Glamorganshire
Llandoveny, Glamorganshire
Llanethly, Glamorganshire
Llanfihangel, Glamorganshire
Llangarduck, Glamorganshire
Llangattock, Glamorganshire
Llangavelly, Glamorganshire
Llanhangel (sic), Glamorganshire
Llanharvan (sic), Glamorganshire
Llantreege, Glamorganshire
Llantrisant, Glamorganshire
Llantrishen, Glamorganshire
Llantrissant, Glamorganshire
Llantwit, Glamorganshire
Margam, Glamorganshire
Mulson Dennots (sic), Glamorganshire
Nantwood, Glamorganshire
Neath, Glamorganshire
Newton Nottidge, Glamorganshire
Penmark, Glamorganshire
Penmarke, Glamorganshire
Penarth, Mon[mouth] (sic, probably Glamorganshire)
Penorva (sic), Glamorganshire
Pentleene (sic), Glamorganshire
Pentyrch, Glamorganshire
Periterke (sic), Glamorganshire
Pyle, Glamorganshire
Shire Newton, Glamorganshire
St. Andrew's, Glamorganshire
St. Athen, Glamorganshire
St. Brides, Glamorganshire
St. Fagans, Glamorganshire
St. Hilary, Glamorganshire
St. Mellon, Glamorganshire
St. Nicholas, Glamorganshire
Stanbridge (sic), Glamorganshire
Sully, Glamorganshire
Swansea, Glamorganshire
Talley, Glamorganshire
Teddrington (sic), Glamorganshire
Week Va---, Glamorganshire
Wenvoe, Glamorganshire
Whitchurch, Glamorganshire
Winney (sic), Glamorganshire
Winny (sic), Glamorganshire


Acton, Gloucestershire
Almondsbury, Glamorganshire
Almondsbury, Gloucestershire
Arlingham, Gloucestershire
Ashlode (sic), Gloucestershire
Aust, Mon[mouth] (sic), Glos perhaps intended]
Aust, Gloucestershire
Avening, Gloucestershire
Awre, Gloucestershire
Axbury (sic), Gloucestershire
Badminton, Gloucestershire
Bartliffe (sic), Gloucestershire
Bartly (sic), Gloucestershire
Barton Regis, Gloucestershire
Barton, Gloucestershire
Beckford, Gloucestershire
Beckington, Glos [sic, but Som perhaps intended]
Berkeley, Gloucestershire
Bisley, Gloucestershire
Bitton, Gloucestershire
Blakeney, Gloucestershire
Boddington, Gloucestershire
Bricknell (sic), Gloucestershire
Brockworth, Gloucestershire
Bussellton (sic), Gloucestershire
Cam, Gloucestershire
Charfield, Gloucestershire
Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire
Charlton, Gloucestershire
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Cherington, Gloucestershire
Chew Magna, Glos [sic, but Som probably intended]
Chippenham, Glos [sic, Wilts probably intended]
Chosen (sic), Gloucestershire
Churcham, Gloucestershire
Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Clifton, Glos
Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire
Compton, Gloucestershire
Court (sic but poss. Corse), Gloucestershire
Cromhall, Gloucestershire
Cromwell [Cromhall perhaps intended], Gloucestershire
Dorsington, Gloucestershire
Duntisbourne Leard, Gloucestershire
Duntisbourne, Gloucestershire
Dursley, Gloucestershire
Dymoke, Gloucestershire
Dyrham, Gloucestershire
Elberton, Gloucestershire
Elverton (sic), Gloucestershire
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire
Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire
Frampton upon Severn, Gloucestershire
Frampton, Gloucestershire
Gillingham, Gloucestershire
Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Hampton Reade (sic), Gloucestershire
Hanham, Gloucestershire
Haverfordwest, Glos [sic, but Pembroke probably intended]
Hawksbury, Gloucestershire
Hempstead, Gloucestershire
Henbury, Devonshire [sic, perhaps Gloucestershire intended]
Henbury, Gloucestershire
Horsley, Gloucestershire
Huntly, Gloucestershire
Kingswood, Gloucestershire
Langsbaits (sic), Gloucestershire
Lawrence Weston, Gloucestershire
Ledbury, Gloucestershire
Llannangell (sic), Gloucestershire
Longhope, Gloucestershire
Lydney, Gloucestershire
Mangersbury (sic), Gloucestershire
Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire
Marlborough, Gloucestershire (but prob. Wilts)
Marshfield, Gloucestershire
Minety, Glos [sic, but Wilts probably intended]
Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
Nailsworth, Gloucestershire
Nantony (sic), Gloucestershire
Newent, Gloucestershire
Newland, Gloucestershire
Newnham, Gloucestershire
Newport, Gloucestershire
Nibley, Gloucestershire
Northleach, Gloucestershire
Padsford (sic), Gloucestershire
Painswick, Gloucestershire
Pauntley, Worcestershire (sic, prob. Glos intended)
Paxford, Gloucestershire
Pebworth, Gloucestershire
Pensford, Gloucestershire
Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire
Ruarden, Gloucestershire
Ruardean, Gloucestershire
Ruedgly (sic), Glos
Rumnick (sic), Gloucestershire
Saltbridge (sic), Gloucestershire
Sanford (sic), Gloucestershire
Sedbury, Gloucestershire
Sherborne, Gloucestershire
Shipton, Gloucestershire
Shirehampton, Gloucestershire
Shudwater [Shurdington?], Gloucestershire
Sodbury, Gloucestershire
St. Briavels, Gloucestershire
St. Mary's, Gloucestershire
Standish, Gloucestershire
Stanton, Gloucestershire
Stapleton, Gloucestershire
Staunton, Gloucestershire
Stoke, Gloucestershire
Stone, Gloucestershire
Stroud, Gloucestershire
Stroudwater, Gloucestershire
Sudbury, Gloucestershire
Taynton, Gloucestershire
Taunton, Glos [sic, but Som prob. intended]
Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
The Breene, Gloucestershire
Thornbury, Gloucestershire
Thornsbury, Gloucestershire
Tibberton, Gloucestershire
Tidenham, Gloucestershire
Torher (sic), Gloucestershire
Tortworth, Gloucestershire
Twyning, Gloucestershire
Tytherington, Gloucestershire
Upton, Gloucestershire
Walton, Gloucestershire
Wapley, Gloucestershire
Westbury, Gloucestershire
Westerleigh, Gloucestershire
Whaddon, Gloucestershire
Whitminster, Gloucestershire
Wickwar, Gloucestershire
Wike (prob. Wyck Rissington), Gloucestershire
Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
Winscombe, Gloucestershire
Winsfield, Gloucestershire
Winstone, Gloucestershire
Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
Withington, Gloucestershire
Woodchester, Gloucestershire
Woolaston, Gloucestershire
Wotton, Gloucestershire
Wotten [under Edge], Gloucestershire
Wotton Underedge, Gloucestershire
Wotton [under Edge], Gloucestershire
Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire
Wover (sic), Gloucestershire
Wyck, Gloucestershire


Alresford, Hampshire
Andover, Hampshire
Bartley, Hampshire
Clackford (sic), Hampshire
Easton, Hampshire
Hatherdin (sic), Hampshire
Horrell (sic), Hampshire
Hursley, Hampshire
Ickeford (sic), Hampshire
Linham (sic), Hampshire
Lockerley, Hampshire
Romsey, Hampshire
St. John's, Winchester, Hampshire
Walton (sic), Hampshire
Winchester, Hampshire


?Lingen, Herefordshire
Abbey Dore, Herefordshire
Almeley, Herefordshire
Amsley [Aymestrey?], Herefordshire
Bartley (sic), Herefordshire
Birtch (sic), Herefordshire
Blakemere, Herefordshire
Bowchurch (sic), Herefordshire
Bredwardine (parent's), Herefordshire (parent's)
Brimfield, Herefordshire
Brinsop, Herefordshire
Bromhead, Herefordshire
Bromyard, Herefordshire
Butley (sic), Herefordshire
Byford, Herefordshire
Clifford, Herefordshire
Colla (sic), Herefordshire
Croft, Herefordshire?
Cusop (parent's), Herefordshire (parent's)
Dewchurch, Herefordshire
Eardisley, Herefordshire
Eardisley?, Herefordshire
Emory (sic), Herefordshire
Garway, Herefordshire
Grendon, Herefordshire
Grismond (sic), Herefordshire
Hatfield, Herefordshire
Hentland, Herefordshire
Hereford, Herefordshire
How Caple, Herefordshire
Humber, Herefordshire
Kenshore [Kenchester perhaps intended], Herefordshire
Kentchurch, Herefordshire
Kilpeck, Herefordshire
Kings Caple, Herefordshire
Kingstone, Herefordshire
Kington, Herefordshire
Lanelton (sic), Herefordshire
Lanwarne, Herefordshire
Laysters, Herefordshire
Ledbury, Herefordshire
Leinthall Starkes, Herefordshire
Leintwardine, Herefordshire
Leominster, Herefordshire
Litton [Linton perhaps intended], Herefordshire
Llancillo (sic), Herefordshire
Llangarren, Herefordshire
Llantverne (sic but poss. Llanwarne), Herefordshire
Longtown, Herefordshire
Lucton, Herefordshire
Ludford, Herefordshire
Ludport [Ludford perhaps intended], Herefordshire
Lugwardine, Herefordshire
Madley, Herefordshire
Moccas, Herefordshire
Monnington on Wye, Herefordshire
Mordiford, Herefordshire
Nauntwell (sic), Hererfordshire
Orleton, Herefordshire
Pembridge, Herefordshire
Pitslow (sic), Herefordshire
Preston, Herefordshire
Ross, Herefordshire
Rowlstone, Herefordshire
St. Peter's, Hereford, Herefordshire
Staunton on Wye, Herefordshire
Sutton, Herefordshire
The Lea, Herefordshire
Tibister (sic), Herefordshire
Trawen, Herefordshire (sic)
Tyberton, Herefordshire
Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Upton Bishop, Herefordshire
Walford, Herefordshire
Walterstone, Herefordshire
Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire
Whitbourne, Herefordshire
Whitchurch, Herefordshire
Whitney, Herefordshire
Woolhope, Herefordshire
Yarpole, Herefordshire
[Weston under] Penyard, Herefordshire


Barnet, Hertfordshire
Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
Little Hadham, Hertfordshire
Tring, Hertfordshire


Easton, Huntingdonshire
St. Neots, Huntingdonshire

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight


Canterbury, Kent
Chatham, Kent
East Malling, Kent
Eveston (sic), Kent
Greenwich, Kent
Kenardington, Kent
Maidstone, Kent
Rochester, Kent
Sandwich, Kent
Sittingbourne, Kent
Tennett [perhaps Thanet intended], Kent
Sussex, Kent (sic)


Armschurch (sic Ormskirk prob. intended), Lancashire
Blackburn, Lancashire
Bolton, Lancashire
Lancaster, Lancashire
Liverpool, Lancashire
Manchester, Lancashire
Newton, Lancashire
Rouick (sic), Lancashire
St. Tooleys (sic), Lancashire


Carke, Leicestershire
Hathern, Leicestershire
Heather, Leicestershire
Kings Oramby (sic), Leicestershire
Overseal, Leicestershire (sic. but prob. Derbys)
Quorndon, Leicestershire
Seagrave, Leicestershire
Sutton Cheney, Northumberland (sic, but Leics prob. intended]


Alderchurch (sic), Lincolnshire
Boston, Lincolnshire
Claypole, Lincolnshire
Langtoft, Lincolnshire
Scawby, Lincolnshire
Somerby, Lincolnshire


Blackfriars, London
Crutched Friars, London
Rosemary Lane, London
Smithfield, London
Southwark, London
St. Clement's, London
St. Dunstan in West, London
St. Dunstan's, London
St. Giles, London
St. Katherine Coleman, London
St. Martin's, London
St. Michael's, London
Wapping, London
Westminster, London
Whitechapel, London


Caerleon, Merioneth
Llanvihangel Rogiet, Merioneth


Brentford, Middlesex
Covent Garden, Middlesex
Ham, Middlesex
Hammersmith, Middlesex
Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex
Holborn, Middlesex
Shadwell, Middlesex
St. Giles Holborn, Middlesex
Wapping, Middlesex


Abergavenny, Monmouth
Ash (sic), Mon[mouth]
Aust, Mon[mouth] (sic), Glos perhaps intended]
Bashink (sic), Monmouth
Bassaleg, Monmouth
Bedwellty, Monmouth
Bishton, Monmouth
Bryngwyn, Monmouth
Butterwood, Monmouth
Caerleon, Monmouth
Caerlon, Monmouth
Caerwent, Monmouth
Caldicote, Monmouth
Cannedy(sic), Monmouth
Chepstow, Monmouth
Christchurch, Monmouth
Cornwall, Mon[mouth] (sic)
Covert (sic), Monmouth
Crickhowell, Monmouth
Cwmcarvan, Monmouth
Fishfroome (sic), Monmouth
Goldcliff, Monmouth
Goytre, Monmouth
Grosmont, Monmouth
Gwernesney, Monmouth
Henllys, Monmouth
Ifton, Monmouth
Kemeys, Monmouth
Lampeter, Mon[mouth] (sic)
Lanero (sic), Monmouth
Lannwerth [Llanwern], Monmouth
Lantilliocrossenny, Monmouth
Lanwinneline (sic), Monmouth
Llanarth, Monmouth
Llandenny, Monmouth
Llandilo Bartholomew (sic), Monmouth
Llandins (sic), Monmouth
Llandlarnow (sic), Monmouth
Llandogo, Monmouth
Llangattock, Monmouth
Llangibby, Monmouth
Llangover, Monmouth
Llangua, Monmouth
Llangwm, Monmouth
Llanhennock, Monmouth
Llaniangel Vannarth (sic), Monmouth
Llanihangell a Beddow (sic), Monmouth
Llanover, Monmouth
Llanthony, Monmouth
Llanvahans (sic), Monmouth
Llanvair, Monmouth
Magor, Monmouth
Malpas, Monmouth
Manithiselo, Monmouth
Manthusilo, Monmouth
Mitchel Troy, Monmouth
Nambash (sic), Monmouth
Nash, Monmouth
Newchurch, Monmouth
Newent, Monmouth
Newport, Monmouth
Newton (sic), Monmouth
Panteg, Monmouth
Penarth, Mon[mouth] (sic, probably Glamorganshire)
Penhow, Monmouth
Penrhos, Monmouth
Peterstone, Monmouth
Portskewet, Monmouth
Raglan, Monmouth
Rainson (sic), Monmouth
Redwick, Monmouth
Shire Newton, Monmouth
Skenfroth, Monmouth
Slinter (sic), Monmouth
St. Arvans, Monmouth
St. Bride's, Monmouth
St. Mellons, Monmouth
Sullock (sic), Monmouth
Tredunnock, Monmouth
Tregare, Monmouth
Trelleck Grange, Monmouth
Trelleck, Monmouth
Trelocke, Monmouth
Trevethin, Monmouth
Trilleck, Monmouth
Tritall (sic), Monmouth
Trostrey, Monmouth
Undy, Monmouth
Usk, Monmouth
Whitson, Monmouth


Berne (sic), Montgomery
Bettws, Montgomery
Carno, Montgomery
Gillsif (sic), Montgomery
Gilson (sic), Montgomery
Landinium, Montgomery
Llandoshilio (sic), Montgomery
Manganbricke (sic), Montgomery
Newton, Montgomery
Sandicilla (sic), Montgomery
Sanvoy (sic), Montgomery
Welshpool, Montgomery


Kings Lynn, Norfolk
North Yarmouth, Norfolk
Norwich, Norfolk
Slifford, Norfolk (sic)
Yarmouth, Norfolk


Clipsham, Northamptonshire
East Farndon, Northamptonshire
Emshut (sic), Northamptonshire
Gedington, Northamptonshire
Nettle [sic, perhaps Newbottle intended], Northamptonshire
Peterborough, Northamptonshire
Towcester, Northamptonshire


Mitford, Northumberland
Sutton Cheney, Northumberland (sic, but Leics prob. intended]


Carlton, Nottinghamshire


Bicester, Oxfordshire
Chinnor, Oxfordshire
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Combe, Oxfordshire
Hailey, Oxfordshire
Henley upon Thames, Oxfordshire
Henley, Oxfordshire
Islip, Oxfordshire
Kidlington, Oxfordshire
Lower Ardley, Worcestershire (sic, but Oxon prob. intended)
Milton, Oxfordshire
Taynton St. John, Oxfordshire
Witney, Oxfordshire
Loxley, Oxfordshire


Ameram (sic), Pembrokeshire
Aresmon (sic), Pembrokeshire
Borresland (sic), Pembrokeshire
Carew, Pembrokeshire
Carway, Pembrokeshire
Cary (sic), Pembrokeshire
Cary Parris (sic), Pembrokeshire
Clanvurmuck (sic), Pembrokeshire
Commis (sic), Pembrokeshire
Cothislow, Pembrokeshire
Franckcome (sic), Pembrokeshire
Gly, Pembrokeshire
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
Haverfordwest, Glos [sic, but Pembroke probably intended]
Hertford, Pembrokeshire
Lancillia (sic), Pembrokeshire
Lanford (sic.), Pembrokeshire
Lizzora (sic), Pembrokeshire
Llamfry (sic), Pembrokeshire
Llamfry, Pembrokeshire
Llandower, Pembrokeshire
Llantarnam, Pembrokeshire
Marloes, Pembrokeshire
Matherntivy (sic), Pembrokeshire
Matlebury (sic), Pembrokeshire
Methallry (sic), Pembrokeshire
Milford, Pembrokeshire
Nangle (sic), Pembrokeshire
Narberth, Pembrokeshire
Newport, Pembrokeshire
Newton, Pembrokeshire
Nuten (sic), Pembrokeshire
Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire
Scovest (sic), Pembrokeshire
St. David's, Pembrokeshire
St. Davids, Pembrokeshire
St. Tiswells (sic), Pembrokeshire
Talbenny, Pembrokeshire
Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Thundawle (sic), Pembrokeshire
Walwyns Castle, Pembrokeshire
Whitchurch in Kemeys, Pembrokeshire
Wiston, Pembrokeshire
Woostoy?, Pembrokeshire


Amell (sic), Radnor
Edlain, Radnor
Evangape (sic), Radnor
Llaneeve (sic), Radnor
Llansantffraid, Radnor


Alvington [Albrighton?], Shropshire
Atcham Bridge, Shropshire
Ausly (sic), Shropshire
Baschurch, Shropshire
Bridgenorth, Shropshire
Broseley, Shropshire
Broughton, Shropshire
Clee St. Margaret, Shropshire
Culmington, Shropshire
Diddlebury, Shropshire
Hardistry (sic), Shropshire
Hopesay, Shropshire
Hopton, Shropshire
Horton (sic), Shropshire
Ightfield, Shropshire
Kilfield (sic), Shropshire
Lanbardine (sic), Shropshire
Leighton, Shropshire
Ludlow, Shropshire
Newport, Shropshire
Oswestry, Shropshire
Owestry, Shropshire
Powderbatch (sic), Shropshire
Shifnal, Shropshire
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Shrewsbury, Somersetshire
St. Martin's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Stottesdon, Shropshire
Streaton (sic), Shropshire
Wellington, Shropshire
Wem, Shropshire
Whitchurch, Shropshire
Wilderhope, Shropshire
Winstantow, Shropshire
Yeaton, Shropshire?


?Pawlett, Somersetshire
Allingsey (sic), Somersetshire
Artum (sic), Somersetshire
Ashcott, Somersetshire
Ashwick, Somersetshire
Aule (sic), Somersetshire
Axbridge, Somersetshire
Axford, Somersetshire (sic, but probably Wilts intended)
Babington, Som
Backwell, Somersetshire
Baltonsborough, Somersetshire
Banwell, Somersetshire
Barrington, Somersetshire
Barrow, Somersetshire
Bartley (sic), Somersetshire
Barton, Somersetshire
Batcombe, Som
Bath, Somersetshire
Batheaston, Somersetshire
Beareford (sic), Somersetshire
Beckington, Glos [sic, but Som perhaps intended]
Bedminster, Somersetshire
Beer, Somersetshire
Berrow, Somersetshire
Bickenhall, Somersetshire
Bicknoller, Somersetshire
Bingham (sic), Somersetshire
Bishops Hull, Somersetshire
Bishops Lydeard, Somersetshire
Blagdon, Somersetshire
Borton (sic, Flax Burton perhaps intended), Somersetshire
Bradford, Somersetshire
Branwell, Somersetshire
Bratton, Somersetshire
Breane Down, Somersetshire
Bridge Yate (sic), Somersetshire
Bridgewater, Somersetshire
Brislington, Somersetshire
Broad Masson, Somersetshire (sic)
Brockley, Somersetshire
Bruton, Somersetshire
Buckland, Somersetshire
Burnham, Somersetshire
Burrington, Somersetshire
Camel, Somersetshire
Camsham (sic), Somersetshire
Cannington, Somersetshire
Carnuton (sic), Somersetshire
Chadgeley (sic), Somersetshire
Chard, Somersetshire
Charlton, Somersetshire
Cheddar, Somersetshire
Chernuton (sic), Somersetshire
Chew Magna, Somersetshire
Chew Magna, Glos [sic, but Som probably intended]
Chewstoke, Somersetshire
Chewton Mendip, Somersetshire
Chewton, Somersetshire
Chilton, Somerestshire
Chisel Borough, Somersetshire
Churchill, Somersetshire
Clansford (sic), Somersetshire
Clapton, Somersetshire
Claverton, Somersetshire
Clippen (sic), Somersetshire
Closworth, Somersetshire
Compton Dando, Somersetshire
Congresbury, Somersetshire
Crewkerne Pill, Somersetshire
Crewkerne, Somersetshire
Croscombe, Somersetshire
Curry Rivel, Somersetshire
Ditcheat, Somersetshire
Dodington, Somersetshire
Drayton, Somersetshire
Dulsford (sic), Somersetshire
Dundry, Somersetshire
Dunkerton, Wiltshire (sic, but Som prob. intended)
Dunster, Somersetshire
Dusselton (sic), Somersetshire
East Harptree, Somersetshire
East Pennard, Somersetshire
Evercreech, Somersetshire
Evill [?Yeovil intended], Somersetshire
Farrington, Somersetshire
Felton (sic), Somersetshire
Fokland (sic), Somersetshire
Frinton (sic), Somersetshire
Frome Sellwood, Somersetshire
Frome Selwood, Somersetshire
Frome, Somersetshire
Glastonbury, Somersetshire
Haverton (sic), Somersetshire
Heishon (sic), Somersetshire
Henton near Norton St. Philip, Somersetshire
High Ham, Somersetshire
High Littleton, Somersetshire
Hinton, Somersetshire
Holcombe, Somersetshire
Horsington, Somersetshire
Horton, Somersetshire?
Huddmore Miltons (sic), Somersetshire
Hullock (sic), Somersetshire
Huntspill, Somersetshire
Hutton, Somersetshire
Ilchester, Somersetshire
Ilminster, Somerestshire
Ilminster, Somersetshire
Ivelchester (sic), Somersetshire
Kenn, Somersetshire
Keynsham, Somersetshire
Kilmington, Somersetshire
Kingsdon, Somersetshire
Kittisford, Somersetshire
Langford, Somersetshire
Langport, Somersetshire
Liddin (sic), Somersetshire
Limington, Somersetshire
Litton, Somersetshire
Locking, Somersetshire
Long Ashton, Somersetshire
Long Load, Somersetshire
Lufton, Somersetshire
Lydeard St. Lawrence, Somersetshire
Lyncombe, Somersetshire
Marston, Somersetshire
Martock, Somersetshire
Middlezoy, Somersetshire
Midford, Somersetshire
Midsomer Norton, Somersetshire
Milborne, Somersetshire
Milsonne (sic), Somersetshire
Milton, Somersetshire
Milverton, Somersetshire
Minehead, Somersetshire
Montacute, Somersetshire
Murlun (sic), Somersetshire
Nailsea, Somersetshire
North Curry, Somersetshire
North Petherton, Somersetshire
North Wootton, Somersetshire
Norton St. Philip, Somersetshire
Nunsom, Somersetshire
Oake, Somersetshire
Odcombe, Somersetshire
Old Cleeve, Somersetshire
Pawlett, Somersetshire
Pensford, Somersetshire
Pensford, Somersetshire (sic)
Pitcombe, Somersetshire
Podymore, Somersetshire
Portbury, Somersetshire
Portishead, Somersetshire
Preston, Somersetshire
Pridden [Priddy perhaps intended], Somersetshire
Priston, Somersetshire
Puriton, Somersetshire
Pylle, Somersetshire
Road, Somersetshire
Rowberrow, Somersetshire
Rushford (sic), Somersetshire
Sandford, Somersetshire
Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire
Shepton Mallett, Somersetshire
Somerton, Somersetshire
South Petherton, Somersetshire
South Stoke, Somersetshire
Spaxell [Spaxton intended?], Somersetshire
Spaxton, Somersetshire
St. George's (Hinton St. George intended?), Somersetshire
St. George's, Som
St. Georges, Somersetshire (sic)
Stanton Drew, Somersetshire
Stockland, Somersetshire
Stogumber, Somersetshire
Stogumber, Wiltshire [sic, but Som probably intended]
Stoke St. Gregory, Somersetshire
Stoke St. Mary, Somersetshire
Stoke, Somersetshire
Stowey, Somersetshire
Street, Somersetshire
Stuckersell (sic), Somersetshire
Swainswick, Somersetshire
Taunton Deane, Somersetshire
Taunton, Somersetshire
Taunton, Glos [sic, but Som prob. intended]
Tewton Mendip, Somersetshire
Tickenham, Somersetshire
Tintinhull, Somersetshire
Trent, Somersetshire
Uphill, Somersetshire
Upton, Somersetshire
Walton, Somersetshire
Wartery (sic), Somersetshire
Watchet, Somersetshire
Wedmore, Somersetshire
Wells, Somersershire
Wells, Somersetshire
Westbury, Somersetshire
West Harptree, Somersetshire
Whitchurch, Somersetshire
Wibbington (sic), Somersetshire
Williton, Somersetshire
Wilton, Somersetshire
Wincanton, Somersetshire
Winscomb, Somersetshire
Winscombe, Somersetshire
Winsford, Somersetshire
Winsham, Somersetshire
Withood (sic), Somersetshire
Woodbridge, Somersetshire (sic)
Woodspring, Somersetshire
Wookey, Somersetshire (sic, but probably Glos intended)
Woolard, Somersetshire
Woolford (sic), Somersetshire
Woolverton, Somersetshire
Worle, Somersetshire
Wrington, Somersetshire
Yatton, Somersetshire
Yeovil, Somersetshire


Audley, Staffordshire?
Blithfield, Staffordshire
Harborne, Staffordshire
Longdon, Staffordshire
Mayfield, Staffordshire
Newcastle, Staffordshire
Newtown (sic), Staffordshire
Nutchitter (sic), Staffordshire
Patshull, Staffordshire
Rawling [sic, Rowling perhaps intended], Staffordshire
Sedgley, Staffordshire
St. Giles, Staffordshire
Stone, Staffordshire
Wedgbury [sic, Wednesbury perhaps intended], Staffordshire
Crowly (sic, Crowle?), Staffordshire (sic, Wilts?)


Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Ipswich, Suffolk
Rumerston (sic), Suffolk


Guildford, Surrey
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
Southwark, Surrey
St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey
Low Layton, Surrey (sic but Essex perhaps intended)


Cowfold, Sussex
Petworth, Sussex
Pidworth [Petworth?], Sussex
St. John's, Lewes, Sussex


Swansea, Wales


Alcester, Warwickshire
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Coventry, Warwickshire
Ratley, Warwickshire
Southam, Warwickshire
Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire
Tysoe, Warwickshire
Wolverton, Warwickshire


Abraham Chest, Wiltshire
Alderton, Wiltshire
Amesbury, Wiltshire
Ansty, Wilts
Averuck?, Wiltshire
Axford, Somersetshire (sic, but probably Wilts intended)
Biddestone, Wiltshire
Bishops Canning, Wiltshire
Box, Wiltshire
Bradford, Wiltshire
Bradley, Wiltshire
Brinkworth, Wiltshire
Brockenborough, Wiltshire
Bulteel (sic), Wiltshire
Burbage, Wiltshire
Calne, Wiltshire
Charlton, Wiltshire
Chepton Sled (sic), Wiltshire
Cherhill, Wiltshire
Chippenham, Wiltshire
Chippenham, Glos [sic, Wilts probably intended]
Christian Malford, Wiltshire
Clack (sic), Wiltshire
Compton Chamberlayne, Wiltshire
Corsham, Wiltshire
Cricklade, Wiltshire
Crowly (sic, Crowle?), Staffordshire (sic, Wilts?)
Crudwell, Wiltshire
Devizes, Wiltshire
Dilton, Wiltshire
Draycot, Wiltshire
Dunkerton, Wiltshire (sic, but Som prob. intended)
Dunnett (sic), Wiltshire
East Knoyle, Wiltshire
Easterton, Wiltshire
Edington, Wiltshire
Farley, Wiltshire
Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Fisherton, Wiltshire
Great Bedwin, Wiltshire
Greenage (sic), Wiltshire
Harnham, Wiltshire
Heytesbury, Wiltshire
Highworth, Wiltshire
Hilmarton, Wiltshire
Hindon, Wiltshire
Holt, Wiltshire
Hull (sic), Wiltshire
Hullavington, Wiltshire
Kingswarth (sic), Wiltshire
Kingswood (sic), Wiltshire
Kingswood, Wiltshire
Kington, Wiltshire
Lacock, Wiltshire
Landsend, Wiltshire
Laventon (sic), Wiltshire
Lavington, Wiltshire
Little Cheverell, Wiltshire
Longley [perhaps Langley], Wiltshire
Lostock (sic), Wiltshire
Lower Odford (sic), Wiltshire
Luckington, Wiltshire
Ludgershall, Wiltshire
Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire
Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Manningford, Wiltshire
Marbury [Marlborough], Wiltshire
Marlborough, Wiltshire
Mere, Wiltshire
Milston, Wiltshire
Minety, Glos [sic, but Wilts probably intended]
Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire
Monkton, Wiltshire
Neston, Worcestershire (sic, Wilts perhaps intended)
Nettleton, Wiltshire
New Sarum, Wiltshire
Newbury, Wiltshire
Oaksey, Wiltshire
Overton, Wiltshire
Polsteed (sic), Wiltshire
Porton, Wiltshire
Potterne near Devizes, Wiltshire
Poulton (sic), Wiltshire
Rowde, Wiltshire
Ruckeley (sic), Wiltshire
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Salop (sic, perhaps Salisbury intended), Wiltshire
Seend, Wiltshire
Sherston, Wiltshire
Staverton, Wiltshire
Stockland [Stockton?], Wiltshire
Stogumber, Wiltshire [sic, but Som probably intended]
Stourbridge, Wiltshire
Stourton, Wiltshire
Stratton St. Margaret, Wiltshire
Studley, Wiltshire
Sutton, Wiltshire
Swallowfield [Swallowsliffe?], Wiltshire
Tisbury, Wiltshire
Tooke (sic), Wiltshire
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Twineing (sic), Wiltshire
Tytherington, Wiltshire
Tytherton, Wiltshire
Upavon, Wiltshire
Urchfont, Wiltshire
Warminster, Wiltshire
Westbury (sic), Wiltshire
Westbury, Wiltshire
Westwood, Wiltshire
Wilton, Wiltshire
Wincanton, Wiltshire
Winsell [Winsley?], Wiltshire
Woodborough, Wiltshire
Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire


Alvechurch, Worcestershire
Berrow, Worcestershire
Bewdley, Worcestershire
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Burcot, Worcestershire
Castle Morton, Worcestershire
Claines, Worchestershire
Defford, Worcestershire
Dollwrell (sic), Worcestershire
Droitwich, Worcestershire
Droitwich, Worchestershire
Dudley, Worcestershire
Elmley Castle, Worcestershire
Evesham, Worcestershire
Frankley, Worcestershire
Hallow, Worcestershire
Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Kinbar (sic), Worcestershire
Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Kingswinford, Worcestershire
Lower Ardley, Worcestershire (sic, but Oxon prob. intended)
Lye, Worcestershire
Malvern, Worcestershire
Martley, Worcestershire
Mathon, Worchestershire
Neston, Worcestershire (sic, Wilts perhaps intended)
North Piddle, Worcestershire
Oldswinford, Worcestershire
Ombersley, Worchestershire
Pauntley, Worcestershire (sic, prob. Glos intended)
Pershore, Worcestershire
Redmarley, Worcestershire
Salwarpe, Worchestershire
Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire
Shipston upon Stour, Worcestershire
Sphager (sis), Worchestershire
St. Andrew's, Worcestershire
Staunton, Worcestershire
Stoke, Worcestershire
Strensham, Worcestershire
Sturbridge (sic), Worcestershire
Sturbridge, Worcestershire
Upper Warren, Worcestershire
Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire
Werbury (sic), Worcestershire
Wicke near Pershore, Worcestershire
Winterford, Worchestershire
Worcester, Worchestershire
Yeaston (sic, prob. Eastham), Worcestershire


Bradford, Yorkshire
Carlton, Yorkshire
Hull, Yorkshire
Keef (Keighley), Yorkshire
Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire
Leeds, Yorkshire
Levis (sic), Yorkshire
Pontefract, Yorkshire
Sheffield, Yorkshire
Tadcaster, Yorkshire

Other Countries

Burgundy, France

Ballinure, Co. Antrim, Ireland
Belanamore, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Bontmore, Ireland
Clohen near Clonmell, Ireland
Cork, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Glanane, Co. Antrim, Ireland
Gurtontubborod, Ireland
Kilkenny, Ireland
Kingsale, Ireland
Limerick, Ireland
Londonderry, Ireland
Munster, Ireland
Sligo, Ireland
Washford, Ireland
Waterford, Ireland
Wexford, Ireland
Bandon Bridge (parent's), Ireland (parent's)
Dublin (parent's), Ireland (parent's)
Waterford (parent's), Ireland (parent's)
Werr [or Berr] (parent's), Ireland (parent's)

New England

Dumfries, Scotland
Hamilton, Scotland
Orcougule (sic), Galloway, Scotland

St. Christophers
Waxford [Wexford, Ireland?]

Unknown Locations (County could not be determined with the information given)

Arkall (sic)
Ashband (sic)
Atford (sic)
Badway (sic)
Barton Regis (sic)
Beammage (sic)
Bedminster (parent's)
Berwick upon Tweed
Bisguard (sic)
Bishops Stortford
Bloxford (sic)
Brachnake (sic) (parent's)
Bridgen [perhaps Bridgend, Glam]
Buthry (sic)
Charmorden (sic)
Coller (sic)
Conistreet (sic)
Dishert (sic)
Eaton (sic)
Esum (sic)
Fagan (sic)
Fisherton Anger
Fordon (sic)
Frampton upon Severn
Harditch (sic)
Kilminster [sic, possibly Kilmersdon, Som]
Kings County (sic)
Langmound (sic)
Llanarth (parent's)
Llancherow (sic)
Llancowen (sic)
Llandedgouth (sic)
Llandethllo (sic)
Llandishen (sic)
Llandoe (sic)
Llanlyntwood (sic)
Llanover (sic)
Llanquidd (sic)
Llanridia (sic)
Llanvoe (sic)
Locksford (sic)
Long Ashton
Marsfield [perhaps Marshfield, Mon]
Marsh Street
Milesborough (sic)
Misely (sic)
Mivor (sic)
Mutchmaryne (sic)
New Radnor
New Sarum
Newcastle (sic)
Newman (sic)
Old Radnor
Ottingham (sic)
Penterk (sic)
Possett (sic)
Quickenny (sic)
St. Ann's (sic)
St. Eallins (sic)
St. Jones (sic)
St. Martin's in the Mide
Starkfield (sic)
Stonly (sic)
Waxford [Wexford, Ireland?]
West Chester
Worsall (sic)