The Church of the Holy Sepulchre known as St. Sepulchre without Newgate

Built on the site of a Saxon church dedicated to St. Edmund, the church became known as St. Edmund and the Holy Sepulchre during the years 1103 to 1173, when it was in the care of the Augustinian canons, who were knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Later the name becme abbreviated to "St. Sepulchre." Rebuilt and much enlarged in 1450, the walls, the tower and the porch survive from that period. Badly damaged in teh Great Fire of 1666, the interior was restored in 1670 and has been much altered since. Among famous names associated with the church John Rogers, Vicar, first Protestant martyr; Roger Ascham, Tutor of Queen Elizabeth I; William Harvey, discoveror of the circulation of the blood; John Smith, first Governor of Virginia and Sir Henry Wood, founder of the Promenade Concerts, whose ashes rest in what is now the Musicians' Chapel, with its many memorials to musicians. The church also contains the Regimental Chapel of the Royal Fusiliers.

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