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Understanding Native American Structures


This structure (shown to the right) appears to be a direct parallel of a structure in the village of Secoton, depicted by White and DeBry (shown below).

In both instances, a semi-circle of posts is appended to a typical house. The White drawing shows an empty enclosure, whereas the later DeBry engraving appears to show a small garden plot.

larger version of image

Detail of site map for site JJ44803, Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

This image is a section of "Indian Village of Secoton" a watercolor drawing by John White (created 1585-1586). (Licensed by the Trustees of the British Museum. ©Copyright the British Museum.)

This image is a section of "The Tovvne of Secotan" an engraving by Theodor De Bry (printed 1590) based on watercolor by John White. (Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.)