"Ruins of Jamestown" Painting by John Gadsby, 1834

"A 1624-1625 census of Virginia revealed that 'James Cittie,' excluding the island outside the town, had the following residents: 124 persons (adults, children, servants, and African-Americans), twenty-two houses, three stores, and a church. Provisions included corn, fish, peas, beans, and meal.

Nine boats were recorded, one of forty tons. Livestock included 181 cattle, one horse, 209 swine, and 121 goats. In terms of arms and ammunition, the town included four mounted ordinance pieces, ninety-two small arms, sixty swords, twenty-seven "Armours," seventy-nine coats of mail, and sixteen quilted coats. About 1,232 persons were said to be living at twenty-five locations in Virginia at that time."

(From James Towne in the Words of Contemporaries,edited by Edward M. Riley and Charles E. Hatch, Jr. for the National Park Service Source Book Series No. 5 in Washington DC, 1941; quote excerpted from 1955 revised edition.)
Crandall ShifflettŠ 1999, 2000