Atlantic Jamestown

In 2002, Virtual Jamestown, Virginia Tech, The Virginia Center for
Digital History, and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia
Antiquities, Jamestown Rediscovery began a multi-year planning project
funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The project provided opportunities to experiment with innovative
techniques and tools to recover lost landscapes and envision virtual
worlds as a technique for future research and scholarship.

Historians, architects, geographers, and archaeologists combined to create virtual
models of buildings not seen since the seventeenth century.
Collaborations continue between Virtual Jamestown and Jamestown
Rediscovery (APVA).

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Atlantic Jamestown

a) Atlantic World Online Resources

b) Andrew w. Mellon Planning Grant Report

c) Jamestown Infograph by Roger Huisman, editor, for Het Belang van Limburg, a Belgian daily published in Dutch, 14 May 2007(PDF)

Jamestown Envisionings

Jamestown Envisioning includes interpretive essays, recreated landscapes, patterns of exploration and settlement, visualizations of spatial and temporal history, rectified maps and charts, and the use of new technologies to analyze archival resources.