Choose one of the following:

a) Laws Divine, Moral and Martial - 1612

b) Ships to Come Up to James City - March 1661/2

c) An Act for Cohabitation and Encouragement of Trade and Manufacture - June 1680

d) King's Council on Virginia - December 21, 1681

e) An Act for Ports, &c.

f) An Act Suspending the Act for Ports, &c.

g) An Act for Confirming Titles to Town Lands - April 1699

h) An Act for Establishing Ports and Towns - October 1705

i) An Act Continuing the Act for Directing the Building of the Capitol and the City of Williamsburg, with Additions - October 1705

j) An Act for Confirming Titles to Town Lands - October 1705

k) Laws on Slavery -- Seventeenth Century

l) Laws on Indentured Servants

m) Laws on Religion -- Seventeenth Century

n) Laws on Religion: No. 2 -- Seventeenth Century

o) The Practise of Slavery in the Council and Courts

Crandall Shifflett 1999, 2000